Why do people pick on redheads?

Ok so my friend is a redhead and she has neva been out with a guy before..x She blames it on her hair and freckles, and she does get the mick taken out of her sumtimes..x She is not allowed to dye it..x She asked me for help all I can do is get rid of the people that call her stuff but I cant actullay change her hair..can I? So how do I help her??

Also why do people think have ginger or red hair is soo funny??

Answer #1

I have red hair and I used to get teased all the time, but like ‘therightlad’ said its because its an easy thing to pick on. I don’t really know why people say they don’t like red hair, it only started when I went into high school. Tell your friend not to worry and to ignore the people who say things, their just stupid and clearly are unhappy so they pick on other people. Also having red hair has nothing to do with guys not going out with your friend, maybe their just to shy to ask her.

Answer #2

Seriously your friend shouldnt worry. Getting teased for having red hair is common, but its only because its an easy thing to pick on, in the same way a small guy gets teased for being small, or a heavy person gets teased for being heavy etc.

Personally red hair is my favourite colour. And I honestly have NEVER met a guy who wouldnt go out with a red head. It sounds to me as if you need to help your friend with her confidence. She needs to embrace her hair colour be confident in herself.

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