What is the best way to add some highlights to my black dyed hair?

I have a medium light skin, I been dyeing my hair nat. black for many ,many years. I still want to have it dyed natural black but this times I wood like some blond and red very thin highlights, not to many. I been wanting this for a long time, Please tell me if is posible, any idea on cost and if will look good on fine hair. I will wait at least 6month from my last dye. I have a short bob hair cut. Please any info will help.

Answer #1

get it done by a pro you cant put an artificial color on top of an aritficial color in other words you have to bleach it I have had black hair before & I have also had every other color , if you know what your getting get a 205 BLEACH add some small high lights & get a toner do not use fierra.

Answer #2

It may take a few attempts to get the colour to lift on your hair depending on what colour you have used previously. Some caramel highlights would look better than blonde as it will not be intense at the star and if you like it then you can gradually get lighter! if you are wanting red highlights in your hair you will have to get them prelightened(like getting blonde highlights) and then once the bleach is rinsed of you will then be able to put the red over them as it will then take to the hair and show up! I would advise going to a professional hair salon to get this done! and it would also be good idea to get a good conditioning treatment for after you get it coloured as the condition could not be the best! Hope this helps!

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