why do i have red bumps on my face and on my arm and stomach?

Answer #1

could it be a rash?

Answer #2

thats what i was thinking. But im not really sure. I hope it is.

Answer #3

well is it ichy?

Answer #4

it could be impetigo.I had it a few years ago. Look up some pics of it online to see if it’s what you have, b/c if that is what you have you’ll need antibiotics to clear it up. Best case scenerio, maybe you just have heat rash. Hope that helps!!

Answer #5

do they itch cus it could be chicken pox? have u already had chicken pox?

Answer #6

Have you ever been checked for allergies? I have bumps too and my doctor tells mine are related to allergies .I WOULD SUGGEST FINDING A GOOD DERMATOLOGIST and be checked out ! I mean hey what do you got to lose ??? good luck :)

Answer #7

its the bad aids. i know. i gave it to you while you were sleeping. :P xx

Answer #8

Thanks all of oyu it really helped. I got it figured out, it was just a heat rash. THank you all again. :)

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