Why do I have red bumps down there and how do treat them?

I have red bumps after I shaved a few days ago (they are little red bumps that itch and sometimes hurt) around my vagina and they really bother me please help!!! first off, what are they? How do I get them off? and what do I need to do to prevent this from happening again?

and btw, it was the first time I REALLY shaved down there so I shaved in the direction of it growing ( and I knew there would be bumps like under my arms if I shaved in the opposite direction), so why did it happen?

Answer #1

Thx. But I forgot to mention that the bumps look like pimples and in some other areas there are just red dots. I think it could be from the razor but I read some other simlilar questions and I’m scared that it could be other things.

Answer #2

I hate those. they’re called razor bumps and I get them everywhere when I shave down there! but I get rid of them by -shaving slower with shaving cream -put anti-itch cream on it two or three times every day (putting it on more often will help it go away faster) -try not to itch it hope this helps!

Answer #3

babe their called razor burn I get them when my razor gets a lil dull or I press to hard agaisnt the skin its not a big deal and they just heal I get them not only on my pubic area I get them sometimes when I shave my face its normal (if you want to try and put some neosporin on them go for it but its still going to take about as long as it takes for your hair to grow back =(

Answer #4

Shave with shaving cream and use ice cold water. It protects the skin so you don’t get razor burn. use baby powder after you shave as well.

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