What are some reasons I could be spitting up blood in the morning?

I am a smoker, and for the last few days I’ve had a sore throat (Been hurtin pretty decently), almost as bad as when I had strep throat The last two mornings I woke up hella early because my throat was hurting, and I had some mucus in my chest. I went to the bathroom and both times I hocked up a bloody loogey (Yes I know that is extremely gross).

I’m curious as to whether smoking could be causing this (Or helping at the least) because it just started a few days ago, and my ex’s cousin has the same problem, hell wake up every morning and hock up something discolored (Only his are usually grey) and he’s the biggest pot head I think I’ve ever met in person. I’m hoping it’s nothing big, but at the same time I hope it’s not the smoking. Help please?

Answer #1

Smoking could be causing it - lung and throat cancers will cause bloody sputum. However, this is something you need to bring to the attention of your doctor, as we are not qualified to diagnose you.

Answer #2

Possibly because of internal bleeding

Answer #3

Question, does it matter that I dont smoke cigarettes btw? I just smoke weed

Answer #4

Not really - no…any inhaled substance can cause lesions and cancers in the lungs and throat.

Answer #5

Try smoking out of bongs if you can. I had the same problem when i smoked blunts and pipes constantly and a friend told me to smoke out of bongs like twice a week because the water helps make the smoke less hot (especially if the bong has ice chambers). So yea try that :)

Keep smokin

Answer #6

That’s what I do currently, I have to put a few ice cubes in the chamber cus my throats been hella sore recently, my gf said it might be strep throat. shrugs.

But yeh I only smoke out’ve bongs and bubblers. just because it’s smoother and like you said, less hot.

I’m wondering if it’s cus I always take fat hits (When my throats not sore that is) Idunno I’m not a doctor, so I’m goin’ to go see one soon.

Answer #7

I’d recommend going to the doctor ASAP. It could mean that you’re internally bleeding or you could just have irritated your throat to the point where it got raw and began to bleed. Pneumonia and lung cancer are also causes.

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