Realy shawt skirt :o

k so me and mah m8z were jumping the skwl fence 2dae and it had like barbed wire across it and I like ripped mah uniforms skurt in half itz soo short and embarrasing how can I fix it I dont have a sewing machine and mah mum would kill me 4 ditching skwl

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well just tell her you didn't ditch skwl just lie to her that your skirt got cot in the school fence and you ripped it trying to get out but you shouldn't lie to your mother I hate to ask you to do that also

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dw I got anotha skirt from mah friends sister that went to tha same skwl :D

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That's going to be hard to get away with. I hate to tell you to lie, but that might be the easiest way to get out of this problem. Unless you know someone with a sewing machine or who is good with a needle and thread. The problem is, if it's not ripped at the seam, it might need patches to be completely fixed. Is there any way you could buy a new uniform?

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