Real Estate slow down where you live?

I asked if we were headed towards a real estate bubble a few months ago:

Seems that in the last six weeks or so houses have started to get cheaper here, I saw one listed that was ~20K cheaper than a similar house that sold four doors down from me.

What about where you live, have the list prices started to come down a notch? It’s still far, far too expensive in my book, but at least the real estate prices have started to come down a notch.

The other thing I was wondering - how long (if it starts slipping) do you think till we hit bottom?

Answer #1

Real estate can be fun to think about every so often because the thought of great profits.. I dont know where you live or the average prices for homes but I live next to D.C. and houses here are skyrocketing. 1.2 1.5 mill for houses, and they’re still going up. I wish i had enough money to buy buy buy right now.

so to answer a question.. location location location =)

Answer #2

Real estate prices may be lowering but that only means it is a good time to buy. When real estate prices are low is when you will get the biggest return on your investment. Condo sales Las Vegas are a great way to invest. HiRiseLiving ( has a vast listing of condo’s in the Vegas area for sale. It is a great place to start investing.

Answer #3

The housing market is showing signs of a recovery in Colorado. April home sales were up 18.8% from last year, and the median price (1/2 above, 1/2 below) was up 11.6%! 2 Months ago i bought a house in Colorado spring. Prestige Properties of America help me to buy an affordable house for me and i got the advantage of low interest rates.

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