Real Estate Market Going Sideways?

I asked before if it was a slowdown, but now I’m thinking the real estate market is going sideways from what I’m seeing - houses in my neighborhood haven’t gotten any more expensive for a while, and on next to my son’s day car just went back on the market (after having a “sold” sign on it).

Things have to have changed, folks…if I’d have put my money in real estate, I’d be pulling out now before the building collapses. Or maybe it is just going sideways, as others have suggested recently.

Any other opinions on this?

Answer #1

Too funny. I saw in USA today yesterday that real estate experienced a nationwide “slow down” for the first time in 11 years last month.

Gosh. And now mortgage rates hit a new, 30 year low this week. If the Fed moves rates even a half a point, mortgage rates & those ARM loans that are so popular will be the undoing of many, imho.

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