Rated "R" Movies

if your going to a rated are move with someone thats over 18 but your not 18 or over, how old does that person have to be?

Answer #1

u only have to b 18 and then they let everybody else in but im 22 and my bestfriends lil bro is 15 freshman and he had like 6 16 yr old girls with him and we all got you you just have to be accompanied by an adult its a movie not alcohol lol

Answer #2

18.. it doesnt matter who you go with, age only matters when buying the ticket..

Answer #3

Well I’ve been to a rated are movie with my friends and were all 13-15…So I guess it just depends. Try and see or just call the movie theater and ask. Hope I helped :D

Answer #4

uhmm if your 17 and have an id you can get in but if your with someone who is younger than 17 then you can only get one ticket for yourself

Answer #5

18 most don’t check don’t worrie

Answer #6

Well where I Go They Will let AnyOne Of Any Age Enter A Rated are Movie

Answer #7

18+ where I live. I think you have to be a parent or a legal gardian though.


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