What the heck is an "x-rated" movie?

I’m reading this book and one of the parents keeps on saying, “Watch whatever you want. Just NO x-rated movies!”

Answer #1

any thing that says are rated

Answer #2

a porno! lmao

Answer #3

If you don’t know then you shouldn’t be watching one. It contains a lot of ‘adult’ situations that anyone under 18 shouldn’t view.

Answer #4

x rated is defined as a motion picture rating indicating strong adult content, typically sexual content and nudity, but also including violence, drug content and profanity. it could also be referred to as porn

Answer #5

A movie with too much explicit sensuality or violence for minors under law

Answer #6

its very very very soft porn… just loads of boobs

Answer #7

most people consider it porn

Answer #8

heaps of heated sex scenes and obscene language that kids shouldn’t see.

Answer #9

x rated = not suitable for under 18s…

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