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Random thoughts at the moment

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MY Random thoughts at the moment :

I'm feelin a bit indolent today , but friendly . My girlfriend is pissed at meh , I don't necessarily understand why . the beefjerky shall explode now , along with my stomach . Besides the laziness , I need to somehow hitch hike my way to a thrift shop . I'm determined to find a pair of Doc Marten's but refuse to pay the $150 for em' Whoopi Goldberg cracks me up , her face should be illegal ! My phones dying , ( as we "speak" ) Kk , I'm finito , until nex time , which'll probably be a few mintues . . . ha ! "Hey get outta here"

ohh wait no Im talking to her right now and were back on good terms , yay . I lOVE yU ChElSi !!! ( eww I hate typing like tHIS )

k , post your random thoughts