Strange random question I thought

How old does someone have to be to die young?

Answer #1

It often depends on which end of the age spectrum you’re at (where you are viewing it from), but as I see it, if you’re too young to have great grandchildren, you’re too young to die (considering even a 50 year old can have great grandkids)

Answer #2

My wife was 36 years, 2 months and 9 days. She left a set of 15 year old twins and a less than a year younger son. Yes, she was very young when she —

Answer #3

I’m sorry to hear that, & thank you for your contrabution to my question.

Answer #4

um younger than you thank

Answer #5

Ooooh good answers them I must say!

Answer #6

from birth I should imagine as it’s as young as you can get.

Answer #7

depends on someone’s definition of young.

Answer #8

nods Fair answer indeed

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