Why do I always get random knee pain?

I don’t play sports.

Answer #1

It could be cramps…?

Answer #2

cramps mabey?

Answer #3

You might have osgood slaughters like me. Don’t worry, it’s not serious, it’s really just extra calcium in your knees. But you should go see a doctor.

Answer #4

Is it a recent thing? And what kind of pain is it? Where in the knee is the pain?

It may be that you could have strained it or pulled a muscle in some way. This doesn’t just have to be during sport, it could be from a simple movement such as bending down in the wrong way.

Depending on how old you are it could be that it is growing pains.

There are many medical conditions that it could be such as cartilage wearing away, early forms of arthritis, ligament sprain, inflamation of hamstring tendons (in knee)… and the list goes on.

If you are really quite worried about it or the problem worsens then go to the doctor. It is probably nothing too serious though.

Good luck.

Answer #5

If you where high heals for a while (Mounths) your knee can become week.Mine has done that and its because i hore big high heeled boots for to long

Answer #6

Well I’m only 20 and this has been since I was a little girl . Very little . I can still rmmbr my grandma massaging them for me.

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