racist disney ?

have you seen the videos on youtube about disney being racist ? I am so angry about what people are saying , they made these movie a LONG time ago when racism was not a really big deal , now all of a sudden people are saying they are ? it’s RIDICULIOUS ! go to youtube type in : racist disney and watch the very first video .

Answer #1

I know it’s absolutly rediculious :(

Answer #2

Political Correctness run amok - many today love to re-write/slant/spin History to suit their agenda.

Answer #3

they are very there are no black shows and now in 2009 they want to come up with a black princess!!!

Answer #4

How are they racist?

Just because Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty were white?

Let’s see now…we have Pocahontas (native), Jasmine (Arabian) , Mogli (Indian), Mulan (Japanese), Lilo (Hawaiian)…

To name a few.

Answer #5

that movie was called the clour of friendship I think I’ve seen it and it was AGAINCST beening racist ! after all disny done 4 our childhood ! some people are heartless !: (

Answer #6

I’ve just seen the video and I do understand what you are talking about, but if I’m honest everything has gotton out of hand, I personally don’t think any of it is racist, but everyone is different. Just wait for there to be an appology on the telly, because that will be what happens, which is good :) x

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