would like to know if Disney Channel is racist to the blacks?

I would like to know if Disney Channel is racist to the blacks?

I have been watching DC since I was about 11 and the more I watch and notice, DC has canceled Black History Month, and they make it so the black people are always doing something wrong or hurtful. So what do you guys think?

Answer #1

If you think Disney Channel is being racist about something,why not send them a complaint so they can improve.

Answer #2

I’d go with no - They play ‘Corey in the house’ and ‘That’s so Raven’ quite frequntly and they aren’t always doing bad things, they’re being typical teenagers.

Answer #3

Definitely Disney Channel is extremely racist! They stick a black person in there show once in a while just to show that they aren’t racist. When they really are, that new movie The Frog King or whatever with the black girl, looks like it’s going to be a minstrel I don’t understand why Disney Channel can’t give KeKe Palmer, or someone else black a show! They don’t promote their black shows, and if they do give us a show it’s embarrasing and the lead characters are usually typecast as ghetto or country! They make us look like damn fools! I am extremely tired of Disney Channel and their antics. They don’t market to black people, intelligent black people, who don’t all say “OOOh girl” or “Ya Momma”! When they have more than one black show they cancel one of them! It’s so annoying, Disney Channel is racist and will forever continue to be!

Answer #4

also they are starting to play the proud family a lot more and the movie color of friendship rox!!!

Answer #5

No…They sometimes play Thats So Raven and in Kim Possible there is Monique who is black.

There are some black people but I also feel they could maybe see if they could hire more black people.


Answer #6

probably not, I think there just not smart enough and willing to take a step to add more black people to there shows howevere of course there not going to have many black people because white teenagers usually want to see television shows with other white teenagers and people who they can ‘relate’ to just as black teenagers would have shows with other black people its sad but true

Answer #7

I don’t know. the celebrate every other month like spanish heritage month and the chinease new year, I don’t know why the cancelled black history month. But I noticed that they like to play black show or black episodes duing black history month. Shows like thats so raven and the proud family.

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