Are rabbits easy house pets to take care of?

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Rabbit are not very easy pets, and they will make nice scratches up your arms. They are not trainable.

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They're about like a guinea pig.

Yes, they smell... especially if you don't keep their cage clean.

The only pain in the butt is cleaning the cage.

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correction but infact my pet rabbits is very well trained.
people say its hard and give up on the animal but if you do then dont expect it to listen or be obedient. all you have to do is be patient and let time do the rest.
fact; rabbits are hard to take of but after a while if the rabbit becomes close to the owner it'll proabably be easier just keep up with it. and yes they do stink if u dont change the cage daily

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Well we had rabbits, but they where outside and I was so glad when my mom got tired of them. Their back legs can do a lot of damage to your arms.

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yeah so do i have 4 of them as of the moment.
and yes they can but if they dont want to be held carries ect.
you should expect them to try and get away.((:
like wouldnt you try to get get away if somebody was holding you in a position you felt uncomfotable in?(:

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Personally, I think rabbits are pretty easy to look after. I have one who is litter trained (so, I basically clean and wash out his litter box every other day and clean his cage once a week and there isn't any odour). I hold him all the time (I had a few scratches the 1st week I had him, but nothing since and I've now had him for 13 months). I did have him neutered, so I think that might cut down a bit on the strong urine smell and the aggression. I have his claws trimmed regularly as well (since his claws are black it's not easy to see the quick, so I take him to a dog groomer for that). I think bunnies are great pets! : )

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