taking care of a rabbit

I just moved into a new house last week, and the previous owner had a rabbit that she didn’t want anymore and asked if I wanted it. So now I have a new pet rabbit. I’ve never owned one before, and I pretty much get all the basic things to do to take care of it. The rabbit is young, I’m not sure how young though. Anyone have any tips on owning a young rabbit? (:

Answer #1

:) aww their so fun. give it lots of love and attention, or itll turn mean. feed once a day. if there is food left over the next day your feeding too much, theyll get fat. be careful letting it outside to run, theyre hard to catch. hahhaa! pick a heckah cute name!

Answer #2

make sure it has grass hay all the time 24/7 but never pure alfalfa grass, they love that kind of grass but its to potent for them, you can mix a little into there hay and they will love it. If you are trying to feed it something new find out what it was eating before and mix it into the new stuff and slowly take away the old and add more new so they can get use to them or you can shock there system. Because they eat a lot/pure rufige they need water all the time to. They love carrots, and well lots of greens. They need lots of room to run around each day, even if they live in a smaller cage take them out and let them play. They eat power cords and any thing else they can get to so keep those kind of things up. Even tho some can swim some can not and if they get into deep water really fast it can kill them really easy, if you want your rabbit to swim set up a shalo to deep pool so they can slowly go into it. They like salt licks and there good for them. They can be trained to use a litter box. But it is not like training a cat to do it. They do not have to be in a cage but its a good idea at night when you can not watch them, in less you have a 100% sure rabbit proof house, no low cords, no low dangers at all. They eat a lot, so always have food available for them. They poop a LOT but if there healthy there poops will be hard, you can vacuum them right up. If you hold them a lot they will be lap bunnys and you can pet them and they will grow to like that a lot. Hmm thats about all I can think of there a lot of fun to have I have a little bity bunny xD Nala she is so cute, only .5 lbs little pure bread lion head. Really fluffy! xD

Answer #3

Be gentle with it and try and get it to not be afraid of you slowly always let him smell you too so that he gets familier with your scent worked with them when My sister had some.

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