quitting gymnastics

I recently quit gymnastics about 4 months ago… will my muscle disappear after a while???

Answer #1

If you don’t continue to work out, yes, you will lose muscle. A few years of sloth is all it takes to undo a lifetime of working out.

Answer #2

not really it will if you dont continue to exerscise or work out though muscular dystrophy (when your muscle starts dissaperaing) only happens if you dont exerscise or anything it usually happens a bit when youve just broken a limb and it stays in a cast because you cant move that limb, some of the muscle goes but if you keep exerscising then youll be fine

Answer #3

my legs are really musclely… like my thighs. will the muscle disappear if I eat less? (I dont want it to turn into fat so im eating less)

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