why are all my questions getting deleted?

this has happened twice now and frankly im already sick of it.

Answer #1

Are they being moved to status updates?

Answer #2

Chill mate. They properly deleted it if there are numerous questions which have similar subjects or topics. Don’t stress, I know their search facility isn’t exactly user-friendly, that is, you have to type in the exact word for word to retrieve a question you answered etc otherwise it list questions from months or years ago.

Answer #3

I hate that some get moved to status updates. I want answers to the questions I have. So when they go to status updates I get no help on the question I asked. This is the only think that bugs me about the site.

Answer #4

Questions only get deleted if they violate the Terms of Use - you might want to get yourself up to speed on that, seeing as you agreed to abide by them when you created an account here. Your questions have mostly been moved to the status update board - not deleted, and we have good reason for doing so. #10 of the FAQ can help clarify that: http://www.funadvice.com/doc/faq I swear, people really need to take the time to actually read the terms of a website before they agree to an account..it would save a whole lot of unnecessary complaining.

Answer #5

I agree.

Answer #6

Really? I’ve had questions that I purposely put in the status updates and I still get help.

Answer #7

In my opinion it’s because they allow minors to register on this sight so they want to keep it “clean” and ‘safe’ to avoid something such as a lawsuit or bad publicity.

Answer #8

It’s a fact that the status update board has more action than the question board…you’re just as likely to get an answer there as here.

Answer #9

Except that when I want to do a status update I will do it on Facebook, and when I want to ask a question I want to do it under questions on Funadvice.

Answer #10

We have reasons for not allowing 3,000 copies of the same question on the question board and we have the resources for you to find your answers without repeating a question that has been asked 3,000 times.

Answer #11

go colleen! go colleen!

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