Questions about navel piercings

Just got my navel pierced. =D
But I got to get lower navel piercings because my navel is "half-moon" type.
Now the problem come..
After it full healed, can I wear those danglings stud? (Mine is lower navel).
What do you think of my piercing?
And last but not least, what can I do to speed up the healing process?
Thanks a lot guys! =))

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Get a small spray b0ttle and add surgical spirits to it. spray yr belly ring 3x a day.and d0nt f0rget to keep turning it,s0 that it d0esnt close up,0r else y0u w0nt beable t0 rem0ve it t0 change it.

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Use ivory soap to keep it sanitized and dont do anything that will cause it to hurt. That will cause it to take more time to heal. For example bending over and stuff. Thats all I could tell U

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omg im getting mine! did it hurt?? funmail me!

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yeah^ miszraya is right and I really like your piercing =]

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This is the picture. ^^

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