Can you buy laxatives from the local grocery?

can you bye laxatives from you local stores medical sections? places liike tesco or sainsburys? how much arre they?



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laxitives should never be used as a weight loss thing
unless you want to f*ck up your bowels for life
laxitives cause your bowels to become loose and weaker
so later on if you need to go, you wont be able to hold it
youll just crap everywere
laxitives arnt to be abused in an effort to loose weight
know what your getting yourself into
because its not worth it

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Yes! You can BUY laxatives basicaly anywhere now days!!! About $5.00 maybe $8.00 if you buy namebrand

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Are you looking for where to buy drugs without prescriptions or you just need to get high, you need drugs such as Xanax, Laxatives, N-acetylcysteine, Terminalia chebula,MIDOL, Victodin, Monistat , Adderall, Oxycodone, Cyanide Cannabis oil or substances such as Weed, Marijuana, Kush, or stimulants or hormone pills?

There's one dealer who sells at cheap rate and delivers fast and is very discrete too.


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