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Question about a friend helping me have a baby?

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Okay so the thing is, my gf and I want to have a baby together eventually and I have a friend who has agreed to help me get pregnant. Well this friend keeps saying he will help me but he wants a romantic relationship with me if he helps me and I keep telling him that it's not going to happen that it will just be a friend helping a friend and he says it's way more intimate than that. So he expects to be with him and my gf. Well I am not going to do that. But he still wants to help me. I'm not sure how to get it through to him that he is just helping me and my gf have a child of our own and that is it, nothing more nothing less. He continuously asks me sexual questions and makes sexual comments about things all because he said he'd help me. Is it possible for a friend to help a friend have a baby and not have a relationship? I am bi and I have a gf and all I am asking is for someone to help me and my gf become mothers. Do you think he is making too big of a deal out of it and going overboard or is it just me? What are your opinions on the situation? I don't have the money for artificial insemination or anything like it so that it out of the question. Anyways, any advice or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks to those who contribute.