Do any girls really like wrestling?

How many girls really like wrestling? I dont mean youlike it b/c you think john is hot or jericho or whoever, I mean really likes it. most girls I know just likes it because of some of the hot wrestlers…I think john is hot and is a huge fan of him…but thats not the reason I like, he’s the reason I started watchin it but I have growned to really like it…so I just wonderin how many girls out there really sincerely like it…dont be afraid girls…speak up!! :)

Answer #1

I used to like it but then it got way too obnoxious

Answer #2

I do!

Answer #3

I like to wrestle but not watch other people wrestle.I dont like guys with a lot of muscle.

Answer #4

I’ve’e loved wrestling all my life ever since I was little because my brother got me started because we would always watch it then after we would play his wrestling games and then wrestle for real and it was really fun! and even up to this day I still absolutely love wrestling because I wrestle with some of my guy friends and no I don’t like wrestling because I thought/think John Cena or anybody else is cute I like it for the fun of it

Answer #5

I like wrestling because it is also fun to wrestle with my boyfriend (not in the gross way for those who have nasty minds)

Answer #6

I hate school wrestling lol but I like wrestling bgecause its something different its not your normal sport…it entertains me and it helps me get away with daily stress…well at least on monday nights lol

Answer #7

I love wrestling for the sport… I love it so much I even took it up

Answer #8

I think it’s stupid, but two of my best friends get really into it. I guess it’s all about your taste.

Answer #9

I think lots of muscle is SOO disguisting but it look slike fun! like io love playing the games adn stuff and I will occasionaly watch it on tv but I think it is just mainly cause I fin dit amusing adn fun…I dont watch things cause I think guys are “hott” in fact I neve reven use that word.

Answer #10

yeh…I really don’t like wrestling that much!! I DO like school wresling, but other than school wrestling I like basketball and volleyball! I like those two because I play them and they’re fun!!! :0 I’m sure though if I did have to watch it I’d like some things bout it!!!

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