Question about preps, scenes, emos, etc.?

Well I dont get why people have the need to fit under a label. Why not just be yourself? I am and I get just as many if not more friends than the clique”d” kids. So any thoughts?!

Answer #1

Well thats never been the way things worked at any of my schools. Any other thoughts people?

Answer #2

yeah. labels keep things organized, but there is nothing wrong with mixing things. Most people in their different groups get along well with the others in my little high school. You said any thoughts…

Answer #3

most kids today usually become part of a label it helps them figure out who they are (at least for now) and lets them be with other people the have or think they have things in common with unfortunantly a lot of them do it because its “cool” and “in” to slap a label on yourself, and everyone else is doing it howevere majority of the kids who talk about lables and majority of the kids who call themselves lables (particulary the emo one) still have no idea what the word menas but there kids, there young, stupid and they usually beleive whatever everyone else says, does and tells them when they grow up though most of them will grow out of that faze because rarely to adaults grow up carrying the same lable they did as a teenager because when your older, lables dont mean anything

Answer #4

Some people try to fit under a labile, most just so happen to fit under a labile, ever stop to think of that? Like preps,, who’ld want to be a prep, they’re mostly spiteful hatful people who go out of there way to ridicule & harm people(before some idiot claims to be a prep & that’s wrong, no, you’re not a prep, & yes, that’s what the are). A labile is a labile for a reason. Usually pl will labile each other, categorize them. Everyone does it so stop acting like it’s such a big deal. & some of the “labiles” aren’t just labile Emo for example is a type of genre & basiclly it’s just people who follow the genre Goth is a Subculture, & it’s not just as easy as dressing in black(& not all wear black, take cyber Goths for instance) & “becoming” Goth, really when it boils down to it, you either are or you’re not.

Answer #5

well like he said its to keep organized. people become things to be different… I get called emo all the time at my school…

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