Putting My 5month Old On A Schdule

I want To Get My 5Month Old On A Schedule. How Can I Do This. He wakes Up Two Three Times Through Out The Night. An I Believe He Is teething. He Wakes Up At 8 To Eat Goes Back To Sleep Till 10 Back Down At 1 Up AT 3 Down Around 6 Up At * Down Around 10 And Up Two or Three Times between 10 And 4am.

Answer #1

I know how you feel I have four children ranging from years 1-8 I have been through and tried almost everything when it comes to sleeping. the only thing that has worke for me when my babys were teething is to try to make sure your baby only gets about two half hour to 45 min naps during the less if you can, this will be hard at first cause he will be tired until he gets in the pattern of this and teething. If your baby is teething try tylenol and motrin rotate every four hours. Good luck and if you can let me know how this works for you.

Answer #2

for the teething try childrens tylenol you can get it at babies are us. my nephew is also five months old and teething and he goes to bed anywhere from 9-11 pm and wakes up at 7-8. but he’s also eating babyfood with rice cereal or w/e so that might be more filling. try feeding your baby more right before you put him in his crib. he might just be the type of baby who cant sleep through the night until hes older. my cousins didn’t sleep through the night until they were 1 1/2.. good luck though!

Answer #3

Since he is teething and is so young this can be quite difficult. However, when the time is right you may want to try just letting him cry it out. He will realize you aren’t coming to his every desired moment and will stop. Since he is teething it is hard to say it this is a good call or not, because teething is painful and something should be done about this. If he is drooling a lot, biting his fingers and toys etc., and crying a lot, he probably is teething. I would recomend “Humphrey ‘s.” They are tiny little sugar pills to chew on and will help cut teeth. For the pain you can bye mouth numbers just for that reason.

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