What do you put on spaghetti?

do you just put on regular tomato sauce or butter or do you have to do something to it first?

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lol i wish i had the ingredients to make meatballs but i mean the sauce... do i have to do something to it?

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Worms,lmao nah joking

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lol nice! :P

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wow the spaghetti came out really good!

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Well I personally put on butter AND tomato sauce haha. I'm not sure what your question is really asking, though. After the sauce is made, you can just put it right on the spaghetti. If the sauce is bought from a store, just heat it up and then put it on. Super easy!

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can i get some.. ? o.O

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i was supposed to heat it up? oops oh well its really good thanks tho :)

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*gives you spaghetti* :P

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Just sauce and parm cheese, sometimes cheedar cheese

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i put parm :)

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lmao.. My taste buds are having a party because your spaghetti taste so amazing xD Thank you.

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Lmao thank you :)

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Sorry didn't read the whole question the first time. If its jar sauce you shouldn't need to add much, just italian seasoning and maybe garlic, if its just tomato sauce add italian seasoning, garlic, oregano, and some bay leaves

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its ok no one really read the whole thing but i got some awesome answers :)

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There's a couple different styles we do at home, we're Italian so we eat pasta every Sunday. First one is just regular tomato sauce, sometimes with meatballs, chicken, or clams. Second is butter, olive oil, clam juice, & clams. Third is pesto, olive oil & chicken. Forth is Alfredo, white sauce with chicken or clams. Yum.

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Oh yum! I'm in the mood for spaghetti now!

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ooooohhh i love alfredo sauce :)

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Shaky cheese,
Olive oil
Any of these toppings is what I have usually^^

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lol shaky cheese?

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If its a can of store bought spaghetti sauce I add hamburger - I like my sauce really meaty, and mushrooms. spaghetti has to have mushrooms.
If its just regular tomato sauce(I prefer S&W because it doesn't taste sweet): hamburger, mushrooms, Italian seasoning & garlic.

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What I do is chop a load of vegetables. Onions, bell peppers, minced garlic, you can add mushrooms if you like. I fry them in oil until the onions are clear or softened and then I add the sauce with salt and pepper to taste. It makes it less boring. The vegetables shouldn't take long to fry, 15 minutes or less.

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