Can i put numbing cream on my tongue that i just got pierced?

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ask the pharmacist if you could use orajel.

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i don't think that's a good idea, it might irritate the new piercing. i got my tongue pierced a little over a year ago, what i did was suck on ice chips, which kept the swelling down.. not greatly but it did help & it also helped a lot with the pain. i also would rinse my mouth often with listerine that contained ANTISEPTIC. the antiseptic has some numbing properties and it helped me a lot. other than that try some ibuprofen as well. hope i helped you.

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use clove oil. it works better and fasteer than orajel

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Don't put any sort of cream near it as it will irritate it. If you're thinking of doing this because it's sore, drink a frozen coke or suck on some ice. It worked for me. :)

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Thanks !!:)

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