should we put my drunk uncle in da mental hospital....or not....????

Answer #1

I think you should seek advice from a professional, like a doctor on how you can help your Uncle.

Answer #2

If he’s an alcoholic, he needs rehab, not a mental institution. The man is sick, not insane.

Answer #3

Yeah, I kinda have to wonder where you’re from (my guess is there’s no rehab and it’s a place where your family can actually make this call). Well, we cant make this call. You’re going to have to consult your doctor.

Answer #4

drunk into a mental hosp… that doesnt seem fair to me,id say get him to go to a rehab for excess drinking or a talk group or summtin lyk tht , mental hosp sounds abit hard from my point of view xxx best of look xxx best ask a professional and get him looked after with the best option xxx

Answer #5

Totally needs rehab, after being sober then you all can figure out if he needs further mental counciling. usually they go hand in hand, but a mental hospital is not used for detox.

Answer #6

he is kinda mental…and he tries to kill his wife and son…dats only a year old

Answer #7

he will never listen to us…he is totally into doing wat he desires to do….and he is kinda insane

Answer #8

yes there is no rehab..and it is a stupid country ..da most stupid country called bangladesh…….!..and so no rehab

Answer #9


Answer #10

we dnt have rehab in dis country

Answer #11

sad to say, unless he realizes he has a problem there is nothing friends or family can do. You have to want help to get help. Unless he commits a crime or drives drunk and gets caught, until something major happens where the law steps in, you have to step back and let him be. Addicts and alcoholis have to want help. It is a very hard subject to tackle, I have been on both sides, my mother was an alcoholic, I went through it as a child, then When I became a teenager/adult I suffered with alcohol and drug addiction. So I understand where you are coming from.

Answer #12

You may have missed the ‘tried to kill his family’ part. Also, you really dont get how laws work in third world countries. Getting caught and jailed for drunk driving is not only not likely to happen, it’s also only likely if you’re very poor (in which case, where’d the car come from, if you can buy a car, you can bribe a police man). I am also very hesitant to suggest a mental hospital, because I know what those are like. Yeah, he’s an addict. But, if he’s getting violent or got alcoholic psychosis (causing him to get violent), he needs psychiatric help. I still think you should consult with your doctor. See what options you have. And get his family out of his house.

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