Pus coming out of a belly button?

Hey, my friend got her belly button pierced about 7 weeks ago and it’s been leaking pus for a while now. I know that means it’s infected, but could it cause any other problems since it’s been going on for so long?

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I got my belly button pierced 4 days ago and the same story, its getting pussy from the hole and I move it up and down to clean it with this gell the lady gave me and pus comes out from both ends, its probably normal but it grosses me out

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pus came out of mine for like a month its totally natural for it to do that, it doesnt mean that its infected. no if its coming out for that long there is no difference. i dont think i have met anyone who hasnt had pus come out for a while. atleast a month.

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If it's newly pierced you'll be fine!

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When i got my belly button pierced it was pusing for 2 months then it eventually healed. But my pus was coming from the actual whole the ring made, like whenever i cleaned it in the morning and night a small amount of pus would come out. But if there is alot of pus coming from her actual belly button then it is more serious and she should see her doctor straight away.

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If it stays infected for long, it could cause other ilness...though I'm not sure what kind, I'm sure it's not good. Encourage her to talk to a doctor about the belly button piercing, there's no way that pus coming out is a good thing. Hope she gets better soon.

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Get your doc to look at it and see if antibiotics are needed, or if she should let it heal and start from scratch.

In the meantime take the ring out and clean the area, and the ring, thoroughly three times a day, and put some antibacterial ointment on it. If it is too sore to take the ring out and put it back in that often, then best leave it out, but keep cleaning it.

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its probably you that has the infected peircing. you did not properly take care of the piercing. you should have use sea salt mixed with water as well as using DIAL soup. a little bit of white gooey stuff coming out is somewhat okay. but since you say that its been going on for a while you should start cleaning it often or just take out the ring. but go to a piercing shop and have them look at it. they will give u the best advice. good luck!!

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When I had mine done the woman said that a bit of pus is normal for a new piercing. Please remember that there is a foreign object in your body and your body is going to try and fight it. But don't try using anti-septic to try and clear it because that will increase the chances of infection because its telling your body that something is wrong so the process will speed up. The best thing to do is wash it with normal soap and water in the shower and if it gets a bit crusty then apply sea salt and water with cotton buds. :)

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You should consider taking off the piercing. Since youdid it yourself you could have hit a particle vein thats around your belly button. This could lead to surgery if it continues.

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I have the same problem and im the one who is asking the question im 14 and I did it myself I dont say its that bad but just a little green pus is comeing out and I have whit stuuff on it and it wont come off and my stumach is hurting so im scared that the infection is already in me but I clean it with peroxcide and soap and normal salt with water what should I do and I cant go to the doctor becauce my mom does not know about it. PLEASE HELP .!

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