Puppy needs to pee every 20 minutes

We got our puppy 3 weeks ago. He’s been doing really well with toilet training and letting us know when he needs to go outside. However, today he’s been wanting to go out every 20 minutes or so and has had a few accidents. We had a dump of snow yesterday, could he have a chill or something?

Answer #1

well yeah he culd sneze now and den..

but den stop drinkin him lots of water

or get puppy pads..

dey soak up the pee and deh puppy will onli pee there because of the scent.

I have 3 dogs

so as I said yeah he kan have the chills..but itll komme right off deh next day

dogs are COOLL like that yo!


Answer #2

Ditto to awee…he’s probably eating snow, which makes him have to pee more…my dogs does that, too…the minute the snow hits he has to pee more often…As soon as it melts, he’ll be back to normal…


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