puppies with fleas

Hi My 6 1/2 year old golden retriever just had her first litter of puppies three days ago. She has gone outside to do her business and the neighborhood cats have now given her fleas. I found one on the puppy. I purchased advantage but it says not for puppies under 7 weeks. What am I to do? Please Help.

Answer #1

flees hate garlic if your vet says that it is safe to put some garlic in the pups food it should help some and kill tthe fleas off

Answer #2

go to the store and get some puppy flea shampoo if that dont work go to the vet and they will clean the dog for you

Answer #3

Um…I’m not sure what to do about how young they are. You could call your vet and ask them. That’s what I did for my Puppy. But he’s 2 months old, so you’ll probably get a different answer. Good luck with the puppies!

Answer #4

call your vet and ask them. one of the flea products we carry at work is for puppies or under a certain weight, Not sure if it is Frontline or Advantix. but there is one. call your local vet

Answer #5

Call your vet…I think if you get advantage on the mom, that you can wash the babies in dawn detergent…but NOT until you consult with the Vet. You don’t want those pups getting cold, and they are far too young at 3 days…Until then, wash the bedding, and vacumn good around the nursery…you can probably just pick the fleas off the pups, for a while…

You can’t use ANY flea shampoo on pups this young…so don’t do that…


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