When can puppies start eating soft food?

when can puppies start eating soft food?my mom wants to sell them, but she does not know when.

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Some people can't "hear" the truth, editor...it's not that your answer wasn't helpful...it wasn't what they want to hear...


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7-8 wks the breeder usually lets them go at 9-10 wks.

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go ask an animal care center or a adoption center how young do they take puppies and then you can know what time to sell urs

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Haha HOW was my answer unhelpful? Wow.

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I have a new litter of golden doodles as of 6/20/09. at the end of the third week each puppy will receive a marble size ball of cooked ground beef in the morning and one at night..yummy. then I will do the wet food for them with water also... but I could not stress enough to move your pups and your dam to health extensions or barking at the moon food..this food contains NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS .. I saw the difference in my males (fathers) coat within two weeks. so the pups are going to have that puppy food/wet and dry only... After all they are our kids...

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The earliest is 6 weeks, but mostly in a shelter setting where it's necessary to separate the babies from the Mom. The earliest we'll take puppies or kittens at the shelter where I work is 6 weeks, because they cannot be vaccinated before that.

They can start to eat soft food mush at 5-6 weeks, but keep them with the Mom until 8 weeks. There are very important socialization patterns that need to develop for puppies, and if they are taken from the Mom too quickly, they can grow up having lots of issues (such as separation anxiety or aggression).

Also, I don't think your Mom has business selling these puppies if she isn't a registered breeder. If she doesn't even know what age to sell them, how will she know anything about their health? The puppies NEED to have their first set of vaccines and a deworming before she sells them, otherwise she can be legally liable. The parvo vaccines is of utmost importance as these puppies can catch it and it has a 80% death rate.

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They start eating puppy chow sofened with warm water at about 4 weeks...right after they get their teeth...Mom will still be nursing, but they need more than just the milk, and it's a good way to get them started. You'll notice that their teeth are in, and soft puppy chow gives mom's body a little break.


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at what age do puppies start eating food?

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well the earliest is 6 weeks...

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Well when they are about 4-5 weeks old, about 7 weeks after that fix up their soft food and puppie chow really good then warm for about 5-8 seconds and that should be good.

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Hi, My chihuahua puppies have been introduced to canned Pedigree puppy food at 3 weeks of age, right now they lick & some eat some of it...they don't eat very much...3x a day they eat some, whatever is left in the puppy bowl, mom eats...mom still feeds them also...My girl Joey is a surrigate mom over 1 pup that is a week older than her own...she eats Pedigree canned puppy food too...she eats a bit more than the other's, they are all healthy...gaining weight everyday...like they should. As far as selling puppies, ours go to new homes at 2 months of age or older, after they are weaned from mom & eating Purina Puppy chow on their own. I hope this helps... Diane :-)

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6 weeks you can start them on foods, and as soon as they are eating and no longer needing there mother they should be ready to sell...weve sold three out of our litter of 9 at 7 weeks old now :)

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Puppies can start eating sofr puppy food at 4 weeks. I use puppy chow and add some water to make it soft, I mash it up real good. They will probably make a mess the first few times but they will learn. You should not sell them until they are 6 or 7 weeks old and eating puppy food on a regular schedule. Furnish fresh water at all times.

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