Is this puberty?

what happens if you have pubic hair underarm hair starting to grow breast and having started my period, is there something wrong with me

Answer #1

Your’e fine! You can get a light shaver and shave (if you want). It’s very normal for an almost 16 year old!

P.S. got your age wright!?! wink.

Answer #2

No,there is nothing wrong with you, these are just signs of puberty… You’ll be fine, actually this is good because this means you are developing properly.. good luck. :]

Answer #3

go get yourself a razor… your going threw what all woman go threw…

Answer #4

have your parents ever talked to you about puberty?

Answer #5

no, every girl goes through that change. it just means you are normal.

Answer #6

Sorry I’m wrong your 13!

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