Pubirty - sweating balls, croch area, smells really bad! help!

Ok, this isnt really a relationship question but,

When I work and even on hot days when I move around or even just sitting there, I sweat a lot, and especially my croch area, and it smells REALLY bad. I was wondering if there was any stuff that I can apply to that area after a shower the will work like a deoderant or a cologne or something? I dont know if everyone has this problem? does stuff exist to hide the sweat and smell?

Its embarrasing on hot summer days when my girlfriend gets into a handjob session.

Answer #1

Ok, I think it is more to do with hormones because I notice a stronger smell if I have been aroused, even stronger than after playing sports. Now, the important question is what to do about it. It seems a little unfair that women get all the good personal hygiene down there products. I would die for some wipes that would fit in a packet in my wallet to freshen up the loin area in the WC at the end of a date.

Answer #2

Wear underwear that breathes! Cotton! I’m not sure about males and cologne “down there” but for women it is harmful and can cause infections. I would think for men it would be alright.

Answer #3

there is to much moisture in that “area” which is causing the stench apply baby powder after bathing to keep that “area” as dry as can be

Answer #4

try wearing pads and take some deordrint spray to waork just in case.

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