Psp slim vs. Psp go

Should I get a psp go? I have a psp slim with an 8 gig memory stick. I want to get the new psp go but I’ll have to pay for it. So I want to know should I or should I not

Answer #1

Well I prefer the first psp I think is the best 1 these slim and liught and go I dont think they are good and they are much expensive psp 1000 - 50pound psp slim - 100 psp go - 150 unless you got a lot of momey hahaha

Answer #2

My kids got the PSP go, it seemed like a “good idea” at the time. Fact is, they got a few games and were tired of it very quickly. IMHO, the best kids gaming device is still the DSI or the apple ipad….I spoil my kids and they have pretty much everything.

IF you really, truly want a new psp, sure, it’s smaller than the older psp, but, the game library isn’t amazing and considering the sales volume, I don’t see many game development companies jumping to build new stuff for it.

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