How can i find a virus myself and remove it manually?

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Best way to do this is with one of the better known antivirus programs: Norton by Semantec: or McAfee that's more for business users though.

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Dear shweta, Join the message board and they will be able to direct you in the proper way to do this.
Sue...good luck

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If you want to remove something manually or get the antivirus programs to actually work there are a few things you need to do first. Funmail me and I can help. This is a bit of a process. You can also post a new "answer" on this thread giving me the details of what is happening to your machine, what operating system you are using, and when the problem occurs. Don't attempt to do any removal in regular boot mode. You need to be in Safe Mode to do this in Windows. The one downside of manual removal is that you must turn off your "windows restore" program which can turn the program back to a later date. However, really bad bugs don't go away so easy.

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