Problem with employer.

Okay, I’ve recently moved town I wont go into too many specifics but my employer is awful, I have had to pretty much beg for my wages every week, which are below minimum wage, she promised to pay my rent and she is two weeks behind this month which is affecting my home life, the place im helping refurbish has no chance of opening this side of christmas, I’ve been cleaning ovens and painting walls, been bad mouthed about behind my back, been given false promises and im really hacked off, but the town is amazing I love it, do you think I should stick it out??

Answer #1

Yeah dont settle for that aye. Good on you for getting a new job, hope itworks out well for ya.

Answer #2

I myself would say to hell with it apparently your boss doesn’t care about her workers if you don’t do something you run the risk of lsing your home cause you can’t get the rent payed and if people are talking about you behind your back at work then why stay there and deal with or you can ask them what problems they have with you

Answer #3

Thats just wrong if you have to beg for your money you work for…I wouldnt work for anyone like that.. your employer is using you and not respecting you at all .if your sick of it I would move on.

Answer #4

hey thanks for your advice, left the company and so did the other manager, working at a hotel now, start thursday :) :)

Answer #5

If I were you, I would find another job and sue the compony for what they have done!! that is soo wrong!

Answer #6

Look for another job, and file a lien on the business for your wages.

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