Can i make myself have a miscarriage?

I am pregnant... I havent been to the doctor, and I know there is no way I can be over 3 months... is there any way that I can make myself have a miscarriage?

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by having a miscarriage you are killing the kid, you are destroying a life that never got to see the world, it may not be big but it breaths and weather you like it or not it is your kid and your child...your killing your own kid! you are going to never give that kid a chance and he will never smile or laugh or cry or love or do any thing your jsut going to let it die- not even give it a chance! =[

see your doctor to discuss this. please dont have an abortion, if you feel like your going to be to young to have it give the baby up for adoption. but dont force a miscarriage either, it cud lead to a more dangerous outcome!

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sandydee you need to go to a mental institution for being such a cruel, uncompassionate person. I'm sorry you had a miscarriage, but you have no right to lord your beliefs over her head and call her names! everyone knows the decision to abort or have a miscarriage or whatever is a hard one, and you're only making it harder. To the person asking the question, please don't pay any attention to the people that are being cruel. It is ultimately your choice as to whether you want to bring a child into the world or not. I am currently about 4 weeks along and struggling with my own choice. Please visit your primary care doctor and a planned parenthood or other trusted pregnancy center if you haven't already. they can help you become more educated, but the decision is ultimately entirely your own. You can't take 4U86, the abortion pill, after 8 weeks I think, but you can still have vacumn aspiration for about 400-600 dollars for the first trimester and 600-800 for the second trimester or thereabouts. Good luck and please don't take what these close-minded people have said to heart!

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Well I think that everyone lives under different circumstances and if she wants to abort then that is her choice. Everyone has their own opinions and I don't think calling someone names after they have asked for help is very mature. I would recommend that you go to a doctor to be on the safe side. There is by the way, some injections and some pills that you can take at home within the first 3 months of pregnancy. Girl you do what you think is right and don't let anyones remarks get you down. As for you guys with the nasty remarks,I'm sorry for your miscarriages but that doesn't give you the right to come down with insults on someone else. Dont be saying that she shouldnt have sex if she cant handle the consequences because every one has gone through a crisis and couldnt deal woth the consequences that they themselves could have prevented. No one is all miss prim and proper so drop the acts and name calling. When someone has done everything right and perfect in their lives then maybe you have a right to smack someone with your own close minded opinion.Good luck girl and make the decision you think is right for you under the circumstances.

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I know that a lot of you are getting mad at this girl for asking how to make herself miscarriage, and I understand why your opinions are so strong; though you have to see the other side of this. For all you guys know this female could be 12 years old and unable to tell anyone in the household. If it was otherwise when she could talk to her parents she would probably end up getting a healthy abortion instead of going on this website and asking you guys to help her. As for your question there is really no healthy way for making yourself miscarriage; drinking and smoking could make you have a miscarriage, but it could also make you have a fatal accident. There is also something called The Morning After Pill. You can get these at your local drug store, for about 50 dollars. Though it is for 72 hours after unsafe sex. After that there is a chance of it not working. Other then that, there are other pills that you can get but you would have to go to a local clinic. I mostly reccomend going to a doctors. As in some states you dont need Parental Permission for an abortion.
--Good Luck, Be Safe

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I dont think you can make yourself have a miscarriage, but they do make abortion pills that basically simulate that... you need to go talk to a doctor...
Look at it this way, you're going to have to go to a doctor regardless, so might as well make it safe...

3 months pregnant
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Geeze, dont do that!!! when you decided to have unprotected you took a big responsibility... now you have to deal with the consequences! That would be pretty messed up to make yourself misscarriage and kill your own kid! VERY selfish! You should have thought about this before you decided to have sex. Think about adoption people are out there who want kids and there is people like you out there that wouldnt give a sh*t about there own kid and just try to kill it! I high advise you to get cousling and next time you have sex think twice about the consequences and responsibility sex has!

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I know it's been months since this question was asked and by now a decision has been made. But before you decide to have sex you should think of the consequences. It doesn't matter wether the girl is 30 or 12, if they are old enough to think they want to have sex then they should be old enough to know the consequences of that action. If they want to do it because they are scared of what their parents might say well they shouldn't do it in the first place. I had a miscarriage 2 years ago and I still cry. I wish I had my baby and stupid girls are out there trying to kill theirs. That is selfish and heartless. Just don't have sex if you don't want a baby - simple. Or atleast be smart about it and used protection.

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There are two Planned Parenthoods in Augusta. The downtown one is at (706) 724-5557. Give them a call. They will talk with you and help you make a decision. They will not make you do anything. If you want to go with an adoption (a good choice) they will counsel you and help you find pre-natal care. If you opt for abortion (also a good choice if you must) they will be able to get you through the process safely, and give you information on avoiding this situation in the future.

Good Luck!!

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if your not over 3mnths, it wont cost to much to have an abortion. but even if you could make urself have an misscarriage...I wouldnt recommend it. It is a long and painful process. you will have contractions and bleed heavily for up 2 a 6wks. I did at least. I wouldnt wish that kinda painon my worst enemy. but at least with an abortion you wont bleed for that long.

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Well there are ways to do it, but I am not going to mention them because they are unsafe and you could die. Please contact your Dr. or health care provider and discuss your options with them. If you are underage some states have privacy laws to protect the info from your parents in some cases when abortion is involved. Please do not try to do anything on your own and in the future use some form of birth control and practice safe sex.

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No, there isn't a way to make yourself have a miscarriage...if you try, it could damage you permanently or be fatal. Please see your doctor.

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what a horrible thing to say yhoo want to HAVE A MISCARRAIGE

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Honestly, the people shouting insults are also ironically the people more likely to kill the baby by having the mother being very stressed and so making it more likely something will happen.

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