Why does proactive dry out your skin?

I just began using proactive and ever since, my skin has become extremely dry and flaky.

Answer #1

Same thing happened to me. It’s because of the Benzoyl peroxide in it I heard.

Answer #2

It works differently on different people. Does it contain any alcohol? If so, that could be what is making your skin dry.

Answer #3

Your skin might just be having an allergy to it or something. I won’t use that stuff. My cousin used it and her acne came back even worse and she had a bunch of red blotches after using it.

Answer #4

when i used it, it did the same thing. get some nice blemish-free sensitive lotion and you should be good.

Answer #5

It made my face dry && made it break out more, ):

Answer #6

It’s trying to get rid of the oil. I think proactive is phoney. You’re better off buying the generic stuff from the store.

Answer #7

That’s exactly right, it’s the Peroxide. In the past I have used Benzoyl Peroxide prescribed by my doctor and it was horrible. Cleared up everything but my skin got dry. Sireeeena I’d say go to your doctor and talk through available options for treatment of bad skin (not necessarily acne) and they should be able to find you something more suitable for you :)

Answer #8

I used it and my skin is clear and all one tone, it was amazing. The only downside was that it dried out my skin, and i don’t have bad enough skin to go to my doctor, but it’s bad enough to make me self-concious.

Answer #9

I was exactly the same. But are you still using it? If you are then go to your doctor, tell them what your skin is normally like without it, but that using this product has given you a new problem. If you stop using it then your skin should stop flaking within a week, but your skin probably won’t stay clear anymore. My best advice is to go to your doctor and tell them your whole situation, and tell them you’d like a new method. Your doctor should prescribe it for you. Good luck :)

Answer #10

Thanks :)

Answer #11

My sister uses it and she puts lotion on her face to keep it from being dry!

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