really bad dry skin I use loads of moisturisers, still dry though

I have really bad dry skin I use loads of moisturisers given by doctors etc. but still I get dry patches, anybody know really good moisturisers ? xx

Answer #1

baby lotion. the johnson+johnson(I think thats it) kind but use the nightime one even in the morning, but dont put too much on my skin used to peel so much it was so unnatractive.. but then I used that and my face is so soft and smooth!!

Answer #2

I use aveeno.. it helped me a lot. because when I used difrnt stuff for acne, it really dryed out my skin BAD.. and aveeno was the lotion that worked.

Answer #3

Jergens lotion is really good

Answer #4

my skin used to peel alot and the proactive green tea moisturizer fixed it. you can buy just the moisturizer online

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