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How can I be pretty?

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Since this is a long description I'll answer anyone's question that takes the time to answer mine :)

I know beauty is on the inside (which I focus on too), but I would also like to be beautiful on the outside, as well.

Here is a complete description of what I look like:

I am Caucasian.

I'm 5"4. I have an oval head. B-cup breasts. Small butt. I'm like a short banana-shape with curves. lol.

I actually really like my body. I have a fast metabolism like my parents so I don't obtain much fat. I have a flat stomach.

My hair is a natural, beautiful, blonde glowing color. I don't have any natural volume.

I have a big forehead.

I have lost some hair in my eyebrows on the ends. One has grown back a bit, but the other one is really lacking.

I wish my eyes were as light blue as my dad's. I think I have one eye bigger than the other, but it's barely noticeable.

I love my eyelashes. When I put mascara on, it's a dramatic difference.

My teeth don't quite line up. I think this is what has made my lips crooked and one side of my top lip bigger than the other side. I don't have full lips like those with darker skin, but they're full for being white lol.

My neck is kind of awkward.

I have a natural slunch from my mom's side, so I practice good posture so I don't end up hunchback-looking like my grandma.

I have sexy legs, they're nice and toned, but I think they're double jointed or something. (I added a picture to give you an idea). I have abnormal knees.

I walk on the inside of my feet like my dad.

I know this is kinda weird, but I like my hands and fingers. They're slender and graceful looking.

I have nice nails.

My shoulders are bigger than my waist. I gain love-handles in a way that gives me fat above my hips instead of giving me a "curvy/hourglass" look.