Where are the prettiest places to take pictures?

Answer #1

I think in the fall by a clear lake its personally my fave place, and a good photographer can take good pics of anything so its not that hard

Answer #2

oh and make the best with what you can

Answer #3

The mountains for me. I love taking pictures at the Drakensburg, then the sea is also a great place to take pictures, you have fish, creatures and the movement of the sea that you can capture. Plus if there are people doing sports there you can photograph that as well.

Answer #4

Alps! Or any other mountains…

Answer #5

Oceans <3

Answer #6

if u live by them

Answer #7

if u live by them

Answer #8

if u live by them

Answer #9

Oceans are my favorite :) Photographers travel a lot, so there are a lot of places you can take beautiful pictures. Also in the woods during the fall time when the leaves haven’t yet fallen of the trees, but they are those pretty red and yellow colors :) You don’t need to live near pretty places, that’s what traveling is for.

Answer #10

Diana Kay- You don’t have to live near an ocean. Photographers travel a lot to get the perfect pictures.

Answer #11

I don’t live by the sea or near the mountains at all. They are still the best places to take photos, especially if they aren’t that familiar to you. There is a lot to explore.

Answer #12

yeah but like at an age where you cant (such as myself) i must deal with small lakes :D

Answer #13

-Oceans -Mountains -Deserts -Plains/meadows -Parks -Forests

Answer #14

I think the prettiest places to take pictures are in our simple everyday life situations. A true photographer knows that this is where true beauty lies and knows how to capture it as well.

Answer #15

I love pictures of miles and miles of land, and deserts.

Answer #16

yeah, i’m not really close by any of them. I have a time frame of 5:30-about maybe 8

Answer #17

ok these aren’t pictures i’m taking they are portraits of me today

Answer #18

Lol i have always liked the yellowstone national park for epic pictures.

Answer #19

the beach, pretty parks, any sunset anywhere, or even better, sun rise

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