Best time to get prego?

when is a good time to get prego?

Answer #1

when you can happily tell people your pregnant not “preggo” when your educated when you have a partner optional when you have income when you know it costs on average $10,000 for a baby in the first year when you know how to take care of a child when youve researched,read, listened to people ect about pregnany, diapers, whats normal for a baby to do, whats not when you realise a kid isnt a toy and shouldnt be had just because you want something to love when your finacially stable and are 100% ready to have a child prefarable after you finish your education when you have the nessessary things a baby needs, cot, room, toys, diapers, clothes, shoes, ect when your 100% ready to go through childbirth when you realise your body will change a hell of a lot when you take it seriously

Answer #2

When you both have good paying jobs and are in a stable enough relationship.

Answer #3

I agree with the above and want to add, when you are educated, else your children will probably struggle through life.

Answer #4

when you freaking rick have your huse COMPLETLEY paid off and you have a bunch of extra money annnddd when your in good health

Answer #5

When you’re in a stable relationship with steady income and responsible enough for another ones life.

Answer #6

when you have a job , house , steady income and if you’re not too young

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