When is the best time to get pregnant?

ok so me and my fiance are wanting a baby and we been trying for 2 years and we havent been able to get it. I heard that the best time to concieve is 14 days from the start of her period,but there has to be a trick or something. Any help and tips are needed thanks.

Answer #1

yeah they did thats why they told us to regulate her period first then try to have a baby.

Answer #2

on your period ha

Answer #3

stay off the birth controll it doesnt regulate the period it just stuffs up the body, thats why woman in earlier days had more children and were more healthier they didnt shove lab made drugs into their bodies.. keep a healthy natural lifestyle and dont over do the sex as that thins out the males little swimmers

Answer #4

…r…I…g…h…t… it regulates her menstral cycle …b…u…t… when used properly, it reduces the chance of conception by around 99%

So why would that help her to GET pregnant? Did the doctors KNOW she wants to get pregnant when they prescribed the birth control?

Answer #5

she just started 2 months ago to regulate her period you know? doctors say that a woman must have at least 3 periods a year to be counted as normal.

Answer #6

shes been irregular on her periods for a long time and we just her on birth control and now she stopped taking it because shes having periods now and shes reeeally moody right now she thinks I dont want a baby with her I really dont know what to do with her.

Answer #7

well like today she told me that since I’ve been avoiding to have sex with her the last 4 days she says that I dont want a baby but shes on her period right now and she wants me to have sex with her while on her period and I dont really want to it smells and Its dirty she got me very depressed about that today… any advice on that?…

Answer #8

yea the 14days rule is true…but dont think about me and stress cause it will just happen out of the blue…just relax and have fun

Answer #9

Ummm… I don’t think going on and off birth control is a very good way to get pregnant, you know…

Answer #10

2 years???

I think you should both go for fertility testing…

Answer #11


this website MIGHT help

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