How do you know when you're pregnant?

hi how do know when you are pregnat

Answer #1

You’ll probably star feeling sick! Maybe vomiting! Your boobs maybe sore! You period maybe overdue! The best thing to do is get a test from you local chemists or pharmacy!

Answer #2

Some women notice these signs and some don’t…So if you want to know for sure take a pregnacy test or visit your doctor asap

  1. Missed period
  2. Food cravings/ Strange cravings
  3. Frequent urination
  4. Fatigue
  5. Morning sickness/ Nausea
  6. Tender, swollen breasts
  7. Enlarged abdomen
  8. Headches
  9. Darkening of areolas (the pigmented area around your nipples)
  10. Backaches
  11. A positive (+) pregnancy sign
Answer #3

A positive pregnancy test will be the only way to know for sure. The symptoms can be misleading.

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