How do you know if you're pregnant?

How do you know if you’re pregnant? Ok a few weeks ago me and my boyfriend did it… and after that I’ve been having tummy pains. Also I sleep a lot and I eat a lot to! I also have a craving for lots of oinons!! I never liked oinons but now I just love it! So is it possible for me to be pregent? I dont rememebr if he used a condom or not… So I told my boyfriend and he told me that if I was hell stay with me and take care of the kid to. But how do I know if im pregent or not!! Some one help me please!!

Answer #1

You are pregnant if I was you take a test. the same stuff happend to me when I was pregnant.

Answer #2

what if he dont come in side of you can you get pregnant like that

Answer #3

If yew are pregnant yew will be feeling quite sicky especially in the mornings yew shud wait and see if yew missa period if yew do then buy a pregnancy test or go see your doctor and she/he will guide yew thru your pregnancy

Answer #4

i would go buy a pregnancy test they cost 15 or so dollars at the store. I found out i was pregnant by a dollare store test and then went to the doctor to confirm so make sure you get a test but maybe get two from the Dollare store that way you dont have to spend so much money

Answer #5

if the sperm was near the entry of your vagnia or upper thigh area the sperm can travel to your vagina, although it is rare.

Answer #6

I’ve been having trouble sleeping on my stomach back pains and I eat a lot.. but I only had sex 4 days ago.. is it too soon for symptoms or is it just a consious

Answer #7

The first signs of pregnancy are a missed period. Get a test done if you miss your period, either buy one or go see your doctor. If you aren’t pregnant than make sure you take birth control. You are as much responsible for birth control as your partner, so make sure you see him put one on, or put it on him yourself. Condoms also protect you from STD’s. In future make sure your partner is wearing a condom.

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