Pregnant sister!!!

Ok so my little sister is pregnant and freaking out! What can I do to make her more comfortable and ready for the new baby that's due in 6 weeks?

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I definately agree with the pregnancy pictures... I only have one and wish I had taken them throughout the pregnancy.
Make sure she cherishes every kick and squirm that baby makes because I miss that the most!

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Here's what I did to prepare for my son and to calm down:

-Tell her to calm down - stress is not good for the baby
-Make sure her hospital bag is packed already - that way there is no running around trying to grab things
-Make sure her hospital paperwork has been filled out and sent in
-Make some Mix Cd's for the hospital - she'll be in there for a while and it's nice to have your own music to listen to especially during labor
-Wash all the baby clothes and put them up
-Make a scrapbook of the pregnancy - it will occupy her mind for a while and it will be fun to look back on
-Start filling out the baby book - atleast the parts that she can.
-Walk - it's good exercise, it eases your mind, and helps you go into labor.
-Take some very last pregnancy pictures - it's almost over. You will want to remember that belly - I miss you.

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