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My aunt said that for each time you give birth to a baby you would lose your figure.
is it true ?
what would happen to your body than ?
Is 3 to much ?

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With all respect for your excellent aunt: NONSENSE.

Sure, with every pregnancy your body swells and stretches. But nowadays, with greater awareness of sensible diet (you don't literally eat for two when you're pregnant) and exercise, there is no reason to lose your figure - just look at all the singers and movie stars who have babies and still look gorgeous.

As any doctor or nurse will tell you, it's important to eat sensibly during pregnancy and not gain too much weight. Likewise, to exercise moderately and naturally during pregnancy (there are even special yoga classes for pregnant women) and not least, after the baby is born.

The best way to prevent everything from sagging is to keep from gaining too much weight, and to wear a properly adjusted bra.

Then - have as many babies as you and the father want!

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your aunty is right,
your body does change when you have children,
you can with great diet & exsersice look good after the babies are born but if you let yourselg go then of course your body will just be floppy with saggy boobs,

but no matter how much you exsersice you will never be the exact same again, meaning hips! because they will stretch for baby to come out of your uterus,
although I was a size 6 before I had my kids, I may not ever get that figure back again but the joy my kids bring me I dont care, in a way the little rascals are worth every stretch and add on the kilos lol!!!

all the best, if you are planning on having a baby just look after yourself & eat right & walking or palates is good for you,
you can still be pregnant & look gorgeous with just the baby bump!

& eating fot two is silly, I have never eaten for two I still eat as much as I ate before!

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of coarse you lose your figure when pregnant, you have a child growing in you, doesnt mean you cant get it back afterwards, but when preg, thats obviouly true! A persons body does change tho with having kids, wider hips, sometimes your feet get wider, hair changes,sometimes your complexion can change, sometimes things go back as they were after a pregnancy, but sometimes it does change your body , but thats the wonders and marks of having a baby.

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