Pregnant and feel sick when I eat, what do I do?

I’m pregnant,but its hard for me to eat…when ever I eat sumthin I get sick and have to force myself to keep it dow,I get sick when I even think about eating…HELP!!

Answer #1

Oh boy I was here… it is Hell! If there is one thing you can find that you can eat, then dive in. Sometimes for me though that one thing would change each week or month or so. Like one week I could only eat pizza, so we stock up… then I cant eat anything, but I can down milkshakes like no tomorrow. So, we added breakfast mix for nutrients.

The main thing you have to remember is to not worry about the baby. No matter if you eat or drink at all, your baby is getting all it needs. You are the only one going to suffer because of it.

Also, you can try nausea methods: Eat things with ginger or drink ginger tea Suck on Preggo Pops or peppermint Eat crackers Eat light small meals all throughout the day Eat before rising in the morning, and then rise slowly

Good luck. It is hard, but worth it.

Answer #2

Thanks everyone

Answer #3

Eat something that settles a bit better, like soup.

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