Feel sick after eating

cough after I eat meals, and I don’t know I always feel like something is wrong. Like I get sick after eating, or I get sick from not eating. My stomach is upset a lot, and I think I am depressed. I don’t know if im sick because something is really wrong with me, or if I just make myself sick, or think im sick…I have gone to the doctor before and said this and they say nothing is wrong with me, and im fine. what do you think?? =[ I am scared that something is really wrong, and I’m going to die.

Answer #1

it depends. I used to get sick a lot after eating. stomach really bad and got diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. also stress could make you feel sick after eating - I used to throw up in my first year of university, was really stressed then. stay away from anything too oily and also don’t eat apples early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Answer #2

I have it too, dont woryr. I always get sick after eating! But since I drink PURE aloe Juice (100%) it’s gone. I suggest you go drink pure Aloe Juice. (you can also go to aloecuracao.com and order it but thats more expensive) The juice helped me so much! Aloe is really good for that. I used to get naseous after eating, like I was going to puke. But not anymore, thanks to the Aloe.

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